This is the love story between heritage and irreverence,
the make out session between education and rebellion.
A fist fight between what is and whats possible.

A little something celebrate #StarWarsDay. A Star Wars themed video by SEE and Nye, featuring Guante.

New Video (and Project) brings sci-fi Samurai Boom Bap
Celebrating the cult hit cartoon series, Samurai Jack, SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE presents bangin’ new offering
check out the new video, download the new ep, and learn more about the project.

SEE MORE EYE JACK video makes top five mn music videos
Second time I’ve made the top five!

Breaks x Lakes preview of SEE MORE EYE JACK
Justus Sanchez takes a peek at the new video and ep, and shares his thoughts on the project.

Back to the city interview for Rift Magazine exclusive
I sat down with my the homie Simon Calder to talk about the art and activism of conversation, Prince, the arc of my work, and more. We had a lot of fun, watch the whole thing!

check out the raw, insightful, and intimate Prince tribute album
“When Prince passed, I knew immediately that I’d need to create something to honor him. Not a cover, or a series of remixes, but something built off of his work somehow.”
Listen to the hand made (no click track or quantizing) remix of ‘sex tape’, re-recorded to a backdrop of prince songs and interviews and read the story behind the project.

    • SEX TAPE
      • Strange Perspective – Nobody Sleeps Tonight
        • The Cosmos According to Your Closed Eyes