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This is the love story between heritage and irreverence,
the make out session between education and rebellion.
A fist fight between what is and whats possible.

not your typical End of Year Podcast from Critical Darlings
“Reflections and Timelines” Hosted by SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE and Mark Mikula
Listen here.

Interview (Audio)
‘Boom Bap Club’ podcast with host The Rube and company. We talk, play records and listen to upcoming material.
Listen here.

Video for ‘Pyramids (Ganzobean remix)
In studio performance
Watch here.

Video for ‘Nod Your Head’ from the forth-coming ‘JAWS OF LIFE’ LP
from Adam J. Dunn’s super dope ‘Lights and a Backdrop’ series
watch here.

  • A Seed (with Katia Cardenas)
    • Critical Darlings Podcast #4 (Reflections and Timelines)
      • Dandelions (Sadsic Remix)
        • Strange Perspective – Nobody Sleeps Tonight
          • Critical Darlings Podcast #3 – This is Halloween
            • Critical Darlings Podcast #2 – The Love Episode
              • The Cosmos According to Your Closed Eyes
                • SUPER HERO SUMMER CAMP
                  • FOOD FOR THAW
                    • BRAIN FREEZE
                      • FALL FORWARD
                        • Boombox Emporium Volume Three
                          • Boombox Emporium Volume Two
                            • Heidi Barton Stink – A Charming Gut Produced by SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE
                              • Architextual Design
                                • Strange Perspective and The Lost Souls Boys Choir in Jazz Funeral
                                  • Boombox Emporium Volume One
                                    • Breaks in The Clouds
                                      • (INSTRUMENTAL) Return to El Guante’s Haunted Studio Apartment
                                        • Return to El Guante’s Haunted Studio Apartment
                                          • Summertime Hip Hop BBQ Jam For The World
                                            • First Impression