This is the love story between heritage and irreverence,
the make out session between education and rebellion.
A fist fight between what is and whats possible.

New Video (and Project) brings sci-fi Samurai Boom Bap
Celebrating the cult hit cartoon series, Samurai Jack, SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE presents bangin’ new offering
check out the new video, pre-order the new ep, and learn more here.

check out the raw, insightful, and intimate Prince tribute album
“When Prince passed, I knew immediately that I’d need to create something to honor him. Not a cover, or a series of remixes, but something built off of his work somehow.”
Listen to the hand made (no click track or quantizing) remix of ‘sex tape’, re-recorded to a backdrop of prince songs and interviews and read the story behind the project here.

‘Frank Lloyd Wright’ featured in new short film about the dismantling of a Frank Lloyd Wright house!
“It’s not often you can find a Frank Lloyd Wright rap, albeit one by a singer/songwriter named See More Perspective. It’s safe to say, when you find that your search is done.” – Jon Roemer Photography
Watch the video here.

New collab with Guante for his brilliant new album with Katrah-Quey
We got it on the first try. I love this man, I love this album, and I love music that genuinely seeks to make an impact. We even got a cup of sugar from Laresa Avent for the hook.
Listen to our song here.

Featured verse with Chicago’s afrojam funkbeat band, Esso
This fresh group is doing a series of remixes for their songs and asked me to drop a verse along with chicago Singer Diana Mosquera, and Chicago emcee’s Lester Rey and Azteca 500
Listen here.

    • Strange Perspective – Nobody Sleeps Tonight
      • The Cosmos According to Your Closed Eyes