New interview with musings on inspiration, craft, where I come from as an artist, and how I approach arts learning
“I can’t think of a way I don’t practice creativity in my everyday life. I guess, ultimately, for me it’s just so important for me to create space for inspiration.”
Read the interview here.

‘Frank Lloyd Wright’ featured in new short film about the dismantling of a Frank Lloyd Wright house!
“It’s not often you can find a Frank Lloyd Wright rap, albeit one by a singer/songwriter named See More Perspective. It’s safe to say, when you find that your search is done.” – Jon Roemer Photography
Watch the video here.

Twin Cities Geeks interview
Great piece about geeks in Twin Cities Hip Hop from writer Rob Callahan featuring Megatron, Guante, Dessa, and SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE
Read it here.

City Pages Interview about ‘Land of the Sandpeople’ video
as well as other Press Love for the star wars tribute mic destroying banger:
Read the City Pages Interview here.
Also peep BreaksxLakes and SYFFAL for their impressions.

‘SEXTAPE’ featured in City Pages’ “7 Twin Cities Hip Hop Albums You Might Have Missed”
A thoughtful reflection on the new album from writer Jack Spencer.
Read the interview here.

Interview with BreaksxLakes Hip Hop Blog
I sat down with my man Justus to talk about my latest album, ‘SEX TAPE’ and had a great convo. catch some of the highlights in his article.
Read the interview here.

Interview with Thank You Rob Podcast
I catch up with Rob Smalls and Joe Grizzly on this one of a kind podcast. Prince, Ice Cube, Extraterrestrials, my latest album ‘SEX TAPE’, and more.
Listen here.

Interview with iNoslen Radio
This conversation really brought me on a journey through my own history of being an artist, all leading up to the latest release, ‘SEX TAPE’.
Listen here.