New video for ‘Dude, Interrupted’ calls for men to engage with each other in the fight against rape culture.
The latest video, a collaboration with Daniel Rangel aka Nye and Wonderboom Productions (J. Maki and Kyndra Cuartas), explores how rape culture operates around us, and how we can challenge each other as men through conversation.

New Video (and Project) brings sci-fi Samurai Boom Bap
Celebrating the cult hit cartoon series, Samurai Jack, SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE presents bangin’ new offering
check out the new video, pre-order the new ep, and learn more about the project.

Star Wars Boombap
A hard hip hop track. a quirky music and video produced by Nye. a guest verse by Guante.

‘Frank Lloyd Wright’ featured in new short film about the dismantling of a Frank Lloyd Wright house!
“It’s not often you can find a Frank Lloyd Wright rap, albeit one by a singer/songwriter named See More Perspective. It’s safe to say, when you find that your search is done.” – Jon Roemer Photography

Video for ‘Pyramids (Ganzobean remix)
In studio performance from a Studio/Video recording Party.

Video for ‘Nod Your Head’ from the forth-coming ‘JAWS OF LIFE’ LP
from Adam J. Dunn’s super dope ‘Lights and a Backdrop’ series.