SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE produced/deejayed this unique listening experience of songs that might help you get through these bizarre times.
There’s a wide range of music, and some audio clips from speeches and interviews with thinkers and ideas that are important to consider in the context of our cultural/political moment. Use it as a fire to rest by, kindling to start a fire, or fuel to keep the fire going.

MagnifiKat and See More (aka See More & Kat) are providing community space to decompress and contemplate various poignant themes over a backdrop of live acapella beats and visual art.
Catch the livestreams on Saturdays at 8pm cst (ish) at the see more perspective facebook page, and catch up on previous sessions at the event page as well.

First single from upcoming ‘Edgar Allen Poe Dameron’ with Dave KelseyBasset (aka The Rube)takes a lay of the land in ‘The Environment (Political Climate Crisis)’
The new song plays with the metaphor of specific aspects of culture as a disease or virus, and how it is talked about by media and government, who’s affected the most, and how it spreads. It’s both a metaphor and not, especially now.

See More releases ‘Jaws of Life’ in collaboration with Serebellum One with layers of production and input from an impressive, unexpected team of musicians.
‘Jaws of Life’ is a psychedelic death trip that seduces us back into our bodies to fight until our time truly comes. It’s an out-of-body, life-after-death call to hope. The type of hope that makes you spit out blood and reach out to whatever is near to help you out of a dire situation; clawing, kicking, and screaming for life.

‘Sex Tape’ music video suite addresses rape culture and healthy sexuality
This three part series came to life with a world class group of collaborators in communty, creating healing space, both as a process and artifact.

Aquaint or reaquaint yourself with the styles, heart, and vision of SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE before digging into the new album ‘Jaws of Life’.
Hosted by MagnifiKat, this near hour long “mixtape” is full of interview snippets, original songs from the vaults both released and unreleased, and a taste of the upcoming album with thoughts on how that came to be.

  • The Environment (Political Climate Crisis) – with David KelseyBasset aka The Rube
    • Jaws of Life
      • Intro ‘Spective
        • ‘So Called Prez’ by Scum&Villainy
          • SEE MORE EYE JACK
            • SEX TAPE
              • Strange Perspective – Nobody Sleeps Tonight
                • The Cosmos According to Your Closed Eyes