Jaws of Life After Death

After several years in the making and a series of intimate listening parties, the fourth full length studio album from SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE is ready to enter the world. ‘Jaws of Life After Death’, in collaboration with beat-maker Serebellum One, is like an audio sculpture, with layers of production from an impressive, unexpected team of musicians. Serebellum provides the bedrock of beats and sampling for See More’s vivid, intricate, and at times otherworldly storytelling. Jason Peterson DeLaire, disciple of the Minneapolis Sound pioneered by Prince, contributes galaxies of synths. Classically trained songstress Katherine Parent offers waves of haunting, ethereal vocals. Finally, mr. Demntd lays down surgical cuts of turntablism. To top it all off, Tish Jones lends a poignant poem on ‘All Will Be Free’. 

‘Jaws of Life After Death’ is wrapped in the metaphor of a car wreck and begins with a song written while See More’s father was in the hospital after suddenly losing his ability to walk. Through the lens of the ensuing wreckage, the album empathetically pans across the crises of our personal, social, and political lives: The fleeting thoughts that pass as everything smashes around us in slow motion, the weight of the aftermath, and the push for healing and liberation. 

Full of sounds that range from apocalyptic bangers to playful basement party vibes to the inevitable late night rooftop philosophical conversations that follow, ‘Jaws of Life After Death’ is a psychedelic fever dream that calls the listener back into the body; inviting us to stay in the proverbial fight. Because in the end, it’s an out-of-body, life-after-death call for hope. The type of hope that spits out blood and kicks open the jammed door of survival. 

This isn’t an album that will tell you everything’s gonna be ok. In fact, it transparently acknowledges that so many things will not; but also that there are some things we still have the power to change, while offering a bit of fuel for the journey ahead.  


released September 24, 2021


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