ox illery recordings

Ox Illery takes form in many ways as one off recording projects, ongoing collaborations and experiments between a variety of artists and styles. It’s auxiliary because we’re all our own artists, and we connect and adapt as we please. We are artists of like minds and discerning approaches. We are people connected by relationship, community, imagination, and artistic integrity. Scroll to pre-order our inaugural release, ‘Scum & Villainy: MegaTongues’.
10 Emcees, Singers, Poets, Deejays and Producers Representing 3 States and Countries Running Amok.

Twitch Live Stream Listening October 13th IG: @ox_illery_recordings

Scum & Villainy: MegaTongues

Imagine Kaiju as Frankenstein’s Monster, spawned musically from 90’ Grunge and Boom Bap, and raised on Spoken Word Slams, Independent Film, and Radiohead. Co-producers David KelseyBasset and His SP1200 (aka Rube) and SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE join forces to create a lush, crunchy, autumn wetland of sampling and sequencing. The 9 well-seasoned poets, singers, deejays, and lyricists navigate the terrain like various creatures of the deep dark, emerging smooth as a ripple on a wave, or as sudden as an alligator jaw upon its prey. These artists are under-sung pillars of their communities, and masters of their craft. This is a luscious, dirty, thick, and fuzzy album full of surprises and easter eggs. It’s perfectly imperfect – and that means something in this age of sanitized, homogenous, and sterile soundtracks where even indie artists sacrifice original creativity for impossible pop radio standards of “clean” and “accessible”. This is not that. This music is rude; to nicety and to expectations. In so many words, this work of art is not here to play nice. Pre-order is available now at the Scum & Villainy Bandcamp. Drops digitally October 13th with an online listening event on Twitch.