‘So Called Prez’ by Scum&Villainy

The first release from new producer duo Scum&Villainy (The Rube and SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE)

The first song from the Rube & See More Perspective collaboration Scum & Villainy is not your typical posse cut. Inspired by an East Coast 90s compilation album deep cut, Rube did the initial dirty work with his trusty SP1200, and when it was just wretched enough, he passed it along to See More to put his villainous stamp on it. Finally, a Mos Eisley cantina’s worth of MCs (Guante, Fres Thao, Desdamona, and See More himself) jumped onboard to vent some frustration– and call us all to action– regarding the 45th president of the US.

released October 25, 2018
Music by Rube and SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE. Words by Guante, Fres Thao, SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE, and Desdamona

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